. Liquorice Allsorts 600x500mm Sold
Adele and baby 457x615mm Sold
Dresses in Turquoise 355x455mm oil on Canvas
Dresses in Pink 297x420mm oil on canvas
Woman deconstructed left (framed) 495x395 acrylic on canvas
Woman deconstructed right (framed) 495x395 acrylic on canvas
Sunflowers. Acrylic on Canvas 200x250mm
View from Lookout, Plettenberg Bay, 765x610 oil on canvas
Lions head study. 300x210 Oil on canvas
Green Mountain with blue band 507 x507 oil on canvas
Alicia Portrait 457x617 oil on canvas
Still life with Vase, Jar and Minnie 270x625 oil on board
Leeks & Red Onions 297x300 oil on canvas
Paul Birchall portrait 610x455 oil on canvas
Red Pimentos and Leeks 297x300 oil on Canvas
Mia in sepia 510x470 oil on canvas SOLD
Leo portrait 610x460 oil on canvas
Violet and Pink Colourfield 570x710 oil on canvas
Kerala lady (framed) 390x490 oil on canvas
Still life with Mother & Child 355x455 oil on canvas
Still Life in Brown and Chrome 255x255
Untitled. acrylic on canvas 610 x 450